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A trusted service provider in schools, colleges, universities, NHS estates, Prison service estates and rehabilitation workshops, council estate departments and of cause Private industry.

Our geographical work area covers all parts of the UK mainland, with a dedicated team of electrical and mechanical engineers, our management team has been together for nearly eighteen years to ensure the highest standards of quality and knowledge in our field.
For a new client aiming to have a well maintained and compliant workshop to (PUWER -BS4163) in woodworking or engineering, we would recommend our specific maintenance service and machine assessment report, this would consist of specific machine maintenance to manufactures standards with a FMS service certificate for your machine log, and a full itemized costed report on machine condition both electrical and mechanical, with special attention to any work required to meet the latest on-going compliance regulations.
From our simple to follow machine report, we can undertake the necessary PUWER compliance work, which may include the retro fitting of DC braking systems for machines which do not stop in less than 10 seconds or where applicable. The replacement or renewal of safeguarding protection, emergency stop control systems, interlocking switchgear controls, as well as machinery outlets for dust extraction (LEV) controls, all machines made complaint by FMS will receive certification of compliance.
Should any specialist work required to machines which was itemised in the assessment report, be carried out by our trained engineers, a certificate of compliance will be issued for that machine as proof of compliance. To provide Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) on an annual basis to ensure that work equipment is both safe to use, mechanically and electrically, this generates certification of compliance for your maintenance records, which may be required for HSE/insurance purposes.

BS 4163:2017

What is it?

BS 4163:2017 Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments. Code of practice.

BS 4163 is the code of practise that provides guidance for people responsible for planning services, equipment and machinery, and for anyone who may use these in design and technology facilities in schools and similar establishments.

Design and technology facilities include all teaching areas and preparation areas where materials are manipulated and processed, equipment is used and design and/or manufacturing takes place (e.g. food, textiles, graphics, electronics, technology, craft, engineering, manufacturing and computer areas).

The recommendations cover supply and safe use of equipment, machine tools, materials and chemicals, personal protection, and safety management, with particular reference to the hazards involved.